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Changes on Extra Place


The Proposition is proud to be part of of Extra Place.  Much underground and rebellious history are associated with the former backdoor entrance to CBGBs.  The New York Times East Village Blog The Local is examining some of the new renovations that will turn this former alleyway into a new pedestrian hangout. “Construction is scheduled to begin Monday on a new plan to turn the historic Extra Place alley into a pedestrian walkway for retail patios and a new local arts venue. The art space is a collaboration between developer Avalon Bay and Fourth Arts Block, a non-profit coalition of arts organizations. “We’re really excited” said the arts block’s director Tamara Greenfield. “We think it is a fantastic opportunity.” The vacant alley, tucked off First Street between Bowery and Second Avenue, has special historical significance. In the 1970′s, the backdoor for the legendary music club CBGB opened to the alley … Continue reading