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Bedri Baykam’s Interview in The European: Views not News


“The empire of fear is dead”             Bedri Baykam has been an opposition leader in Turkey for more than twenty years. He talked with Martin Eiermann about the significance of the current protests, Turkey’s quest for EU membership, and what it takes to build the world’s best democracy. The European: How is the situation in Istanbul at the moment? Bedri Baykam: Istanbul is sunny, the summer is hot, and politics is in crisis. If you look back, how does today’s Turkey differ from the Turkey of a few weeks ago? Let’s not talk about weeks, let’s talk about decades. I have been struggling against the politicization of Islam for 26 years. Inflation was up near ninety percent in Turkey, and many people could be influenced by Islamist parties. It was a dangerous time, but many politicians were not aware of the dangers and gave too … Continue reading