• The gallery is pleased to present Again, and Again, and Again, the fourth solo show of Dane Patterson. In this show, the artist continues to develop his eccentric and complex drawings while forging ahead into photography and sculpture.

    Patterson’s recent work operates in the system of portraiture and still life, but to these genres he brings a practice deeply influenced by collage and digital manipulation. The result is a body of work that uses visual repetition to explore the representational impulse. This is born out in graphite portraits, such as Untitled (with Katie), where Patterson’s subject is covered in a variety of repeated images: magazine cutouts, photographs of hands, and an image of the actress Katie Holmes. Likewise, his recent photographs, such as Re-read or Returned to (Book Piles), are repeating still lifes that appear to have been created and manipulated in Photoshop. They are, however 3rd or 4th generation images where sections of printed photographs of the still life have been put back in and photographed again. Through repetition, Patterson multiplies the levels of representation in these works, drawing and photographing images that surround us daily.

    The following is an excerpt by the artist on works included in the show. “My working process has always had a certain obsessive quality. Photorealistic graphite drawings, which have for a while now been my primary medium, require hours of careful and detailed rendering. My recent turn to repetition as content brings to my work a parallel, if somewhat muted, obsessive quality to the subject matter.”

    Dane Patterson was a 2009 NYFA Fellow in Drawing, Printmaking, and Book Arts and a 2010 fellow at the MacDowell Colony. He received an MFA from The School of Visual Arts in 2005, and he is currently a resident at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Building.

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