• The Proposition Gallery is pleased to present new animation and digital c-prints from Tim Evans and Jason Smith in the Project Room.

    Set in a sonically supercharged dystopic future, where a predatory trio of fuel-injected V-8 interceptor tanks shatters the placid pearlescence of a terrestrial utopian outpost, Bantam Coup is a mercurial onslaught of animated aggression and naked destruction.

    Throbbing and pulsating with multi-valved terrorism, nihilistic abandon,
    and hot-wired fury, Bantam Coup chronicles the exploits of The Exploder, The Howler and The Hisser; three avatars of nitro methane fury and fire-breathing bombast who unapologetically wreak havoc on an unsuspecting, blissful nation-state that’s been lulled to sleep by its own acquiescence. Operating somewhere between the revved up futurism of ”Mad Max” and the violent underbelly of Japanese animation, Bantam Coup seethes with cold clutch chatter and a slow-building feral crescendo, the screaming embodiment of power-lust fantasy and post-apocalyptic moxie.

    -Tim Evans