• The Proposition presents Blind Pilots, a group exhibition organized by Tim Evans. Blind Pilots is a flight of mythic grace into the recesses of the graphic imagination. Careening across the interior tundras of subjective sublimation, Blind Pilots explores the pursuits of a diverse new generation of artists from Asia and the U.S. who possess a special element of commonality revolving around the premise that anime, manga and technology have become viable forms of cultural production that are continually shaping contemporary art and ideas.

    This exhibiton examines a vibrant trend and growing aesthetic sensibility that can be characterized by a revived interest in the elliptical/ornamental pictorial representations of traditional Asian prints and drawings, and by a lack of interest in a consistent, well-formed narrative with strong social or moral messages, opting instead for more visceral pursuits such as the depiction of self-conscious and anti-heroic visions that imbue the work with a sense of quietly suffering the eventlessness of the every day world while peripatetically searching for a chance to break out into a vast conceptual wilderness.

    To a large extent, what unites the pursuits of these artists is a passion to bring their work to bear on the yet unexpressed sentiments and spirit of the time; sentiments that contain elements of both dynamism and nihilism which simply cannot be contained by rationalizing discourses, yet nonetheless point to a palpable cultural phenomenon that has begun to inspire and fuel the contemprary artistic landscape. Perhaps more importantly, Blind Pilots can be seen as an inclusive and connective tissue that not only unites the mythical inhabitants of each artists inner cosmos, but also provides a framework for the sense of cultural and generational unity shared by the participating artists and audience.