• The Proposition is pleased to announce its premiere exhibition of work by Canadian artist, Cosimo Cavallaro, Chocolate Saints…Sweet Jesus, scheduled to coincide with All Saints Day (November 01, 2007), featuring nine of Cavallaro’s bronze-like sculptures constructed entirely out of chocolate.

    Raised as an altar boy in the Catholic Church, Cavallaro questioned many of its precepts but always held a fondness for participating in the Eucharist. Remembering the mystical/transcendental quality and rushes of memory associated with the Catholic “Wafer” received during Holy Communion, he recalls equating that ritual of ecstasy to his own experience of chocolate.

    Partnering that feeling with an instructed love of Jesus, Cavallaro created My Sweet Lord, a hovering life-size chocolate Jesus on the Cross, that was originally slated to be hung in a gallery during Holy Week and Easter Sunday. A flurry of debate from the Catholic Church and Religious Right ensued, with protests, petitions and even death threats forcing the sponsoring gallery to withdraw the piece that will finally be exhibited at The Proposition.

    Also on display will be the Chocolate Saints, consisting of sculptures of individual saints specifically chosen by Cavallaro for their gift of healing and inspired by an event that took place early on in his childhood.

    While dressing for communion at the age of 4, Cavallaro remembers a co-worker of his father’s arriving at their home to tell his mother that her husband had been crushed on the job and pronounced dead. His mother’s response was to take their worldly possessions and walk on her knees up the Church steps where she asked St. Anthony for a miracle. His father survived.

    Chocolate Saints…Sweet Jesus is dedicated to belief, human spirit and the joys of our senses. The show promises to be thought provoking, mouth watering and perhaps a litte Sacrilicious.

    The son of Italian immigrants, Cavallaro was raised and attended art schools in both Canada and Italy. Setting up a sculpture studio in Montreal in the ‘80’s, Cavallaro’s path changed when he stumbled into directing film, winning numerous awards.

    Since returning to art in 1996, Cavallaro has exhibited internationally and is included in hundreds of media outlets, from The New York Times & Post, The BBC, CNBC, People Magazine and The Fox News Outlet.

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