• A recent MFA graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Dane Patterson was among leading artists in “The Best MFA Thesis Show NYC” earlier this year. In response to the excitement surrounding his latest work, the Proposition Gallery New York will feature Patterson’s first solo exhibition.

    In “Clutter & Noise”, Patterson’s drawings document people in actions that involve unusual sculptural forms, uncomfortable situations, and various makeshift extensions or coverings of the human body. Patterson aims, through processes of deformation and obscuration, to create portraits evocative of a strange and uncomfortable dysfunction. Using photographs as the source material for his graphite drawings he weaves image into concept with masterful pictorial verisimilitude in what he calls “a sort of third generation record of the actual events depicted.”

    It is important, Patterson notes, that the work acknowledges physical space and performance as well as the drawn mark. The end product, according to Patterson himself, is “the final drawing, but I connect the process leading up to that drawing, the application of the material to the model, the positioning within space, the photograph, and finally the drawing itself. I strive to make this work exist somewhere between humor and anxiety.”