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    The Proposition is pleased to participate in the second edition of CONTEXT art Miami (E8) and present new works by Balint Zsako and Ricardo Chavarria.

    Balint Zsako’s new series of works expands the scale of his works from an intimate 16×12″ to a substantial 30×22″. Continuing the technique of watercolor and ink on paper, the new format allows for increasingly complex narratives to unfold with space for many more characters to interact.  The vibrant colors and sensitivity to meticulous composition carry over from the artist’s smaller works, but are given a new freedom and intensity.  The complex open ended narratives distill and translate as many parts of contemporary art practice into the world of works on paper as possible, with references to performance art, land art, collage and geometric abstraction.

    The bold new acrylic abstractions of Ricardo Chavarria emanate and pulse with color, light, and a unique internal energy, which seems to both radiate and move back within itself. Several of Chavarria’s paintings—some of them executed in the last year and appearing for the first time—will be featured through spring 2014 in the EPMA’s Gateway Gallery. The artist’s captivating compositions combine the transcendental presence of Western color-field painting or Eastern sand mandalas with contemporary LED-like color and industrial-looking surfaces. Chavarria uses plastic syringes and squeeze bottles to apply his thick paint. The resulting creations are the product of an interesting tension of processes: improvisation of color and design choices evolving within the strict parameters of an initial center point and grid system, and time-intensive labor producing a uniform surface akin to manufactured rubber.

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