The Proposition presents new works by Balint Zsako and Evan Levine.

    Zsako’s watercolor and ink drawings host complexities of human interaction through a combination of realistic scenarios and fantastical metaphors. This work joins the thrill of sex and the weight of death with the color of flowers and the rattle of bones. The characters are connected by their gestures, their hair, and even by their fingers sprouting roots and burrowing inside one another. Technology collides with natural history to create a world of complex power relationships.

    Evan Levine’s new paintings are constructions based upon small sections of larger mixed media works.  When compared to previous paintings, these compositions standout as simpler, bolder and more reliant on patterned specks of shapes to create flickering moments to break up barren surfaces of color. Though the artist’s signature saturated colors are present, they are juxtaposed against periodic expanses of bone and black.  Such straightforward use of black and white in any capacity is a new direction for the artist; intensified use of neutrally opposing tones represents a departure from any previous work.

    Visit us at Booth A4!
    @ The Clemente 107 Suffolk St – Lower East Side


    Evening Preview: May 9: 5pm – 9pm

    May 10,11,12: 10am – 8pm
    May 13: 10am – 6pm

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