• Following her blockbuster solo show, Origin of the Universe, at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and her two-venue exhibition, How to Organize a Room Around a Striking Piece of Art, at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, The Proposition is pleased to collaborate with Mickalene Thomas on a pop-up shop entitled décopolis: the talent of others.

    Thomas transports the various elements of her tableaux installations – the customized furniture, the 70s-inspired decorative objects, the shag rugs and wood paneling – and reinstalls them in the gallery as a stage for the artist-curated exhibition, the talent of others.

    The installation allows Thomas to select and showcase artists that she has personally discovered through her many collaborative projects — décopolis is the actualization of this community whose practice(s) encompass multiple genres and styles to create the essence of a fantastical pop-up.

    The group of intriguing artists working in various mediums includes:

    David Antonio Cruz presents two paintings from his Chocolate series in addition to a collection of small drawings merging the infamous Roger Casement’s body and the subjects of his long time photo documentations, which were taken during his stay in the Congo and Brazil

    Roddy Fitzgerald combines realism and classicism to create stories that represent the contemporary human experience.

    Jayson Keeling creates artwork that provokes and dismantles pop iconography and the accepted politics of sex, gender, race, and religion by pitting them against the aggressiveness of youth culture.

    Elisabeth Gaffaney photographs her surrounding environment focusing on texture, composition and the opulent natural colors that occur in the everyday.

    Vincent Oquendo extracts and pieces together makeup looks from different iconic women and reinvents them in a modern way on his muse.

    Brother Vellies present Velskoen, pronounced “fell-skoon” and known colloquially as “vellies,” — the ancestor of the modern-day desert boot. Their velskoen are made in the coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia, where a small group of eight Damara gentlemen assemble every shoe by hand, turning out just 20 pairs an afternoon.

    Nina Ziefvert (NINA Z) reintroduces the iconic Swedish clog to the metropolitan market. Her raw yet feminine and functional designs are inspired by her Swedish heritage, global travels and life in Brooklyn.

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