• Zhou Xiaohu is a pioneer of video animation in China. His work is infused with a keen humour and delight in visual play and punning. Although originally trained as an oil painter, he began using computers as an artistic tool in 1997. He has since experimented with stop-frame video animation, video installation and computer gaming software; the element of creating layers of images between moving pictures and real objects has become his signature style. The Gooey Gentleman is a fantasy featuring the artist’s own body as the stage upon which a hand-drawn story unfolds. Playing with the theme of fatal attraction between the sexes, Xiaohu tells a tale of sexual chemistry via an animated drawing that is alternately inscribed across his chest and that of a female counterpart. To the deliberately stilted soundtrack of a famous Shanghainese love song, he humorously illustrates the timeless antics of lovers engaged in the mating game.

    GIL!! was originally shown at the Zach Feurer curated MFA Fine Arts Thesis Show in 2005 at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Subsequently, David Caspe was added to the Proposition roster and GIL!! was shown early in 2005 at the Paper Deviations show at the gallery. GIL!! which is accompanied by 38 drawings (2004) is a highly irreverent one man nervous tirade exposing the inner thoughts and fears of a man about to propose…old, dynamic and unforgettable. Caspe is currently living and working in the film industry in Los Angeles.

    Alfredo is a documentary tribute to Alfredo Martinez. The work is a subjective, silent portrait of the 300 pound artist shooting guns and playing video games during his 1999-2000 project QUIET. The now-notorious art-event known as QUIET was located on lower Broadway and was funded by freewheeling net millionaire Josh Harris. Part Malcolm McClaren, part P. T. Barnum, Harris, the man behind Pseudo.com, wisely hooked up with rising art dealer Leo Koening to present a happening-arguably the first avant-garde event of the 21st century-that has found itself in the news for its counterculture vibe, sexual hijinks and controversial shooting gallery installed by agent-provocateur Alfredo Martinez. Alfredo was shown at The Proposition gallery in 2003 as part of the James Fuentes curated exhibition, The United States of America vs Alfredo Martinez. Martinez was in prison at the time for attempting to sell two fraudulent works by Jean Michel Basquiat.

    Tom Jarmusch, brother and collaborator of Jim Jarmusch, is mostly known for his gritty black and white documentaries. “Some Days in January 1984″ is a 14- minute, Super 8 behind the scenes silent film shot by Tom Jarmusch which looks like home movies of the cast and crew on brother Jim’s set for “Stranger Than Paradise” his first feature and major hit. Alfredo will be shown at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, July 3-13, 2008