• The Proposition proudly presents Exhibition Ultradelic, the third exhibition at the gallery by New York-based artists/founders of The Depthography Group, Robert Munn and Sara Cook. The pair have been creating their uniquely crafted three-dimensional animating lenticular art for the past 17 years and this exhibition presents a body of work that is a departure from the themes of their previous shows at The Proposition Gallery.

    Exhibition Ultradelic features two aspects of their work. The first explores the impact of extreme dimensional effect on abstract form and texture, utilizing depth itself as an abstract element, sometimes in audacious disconnect with conventional perception. “We set out to destroy the “novelty” aspect of the medium and replace it with an uncompromising direct assault on that prevailing perception. We wanted to present the viewer with an experience that would be refreshingly and provocatively new,” says Robert Munn. The second aspect presents complex psychedelic animating art as a fully interactive experience. “This medium possesses unique qualities in conveying symbolism on a subliminal level,” says Sara Cook.

    As the Depthography Group, Mr. Munn and Miss Cook have produced innovative and unusual works in stereo photographic projection and three-dimensional film presentation. In 1990 they became immersed in the study, analysis, research and creation of lenticular images and over many years, the pair had devised innovative methods and procedures advancing the lenticular medium itself. In 1992 they founded the Virtual Image Gallery, the world’s first gallery devoted solely to lenticular art. Soon after in 1993 the pair worked with the noted Swiss artist H.R. Giger on a collaborative effort that was part of his “Watch Abart ’93″ show, opening in New York and Geneva simultaneously.

    Their previous shows at the Proposition Gallery in 2002/3 and 2004/5 were well received with the latter show prompting numerous exhibits at The Deutsche Bank gallery in midtown Manhattan as well as a commission from the Tandy corporation to create 3 large lenticular images to provide an artistic focal point to the reception area of their world headquarters Building in Ft.Worth, Texas.

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