• For the last three years Cyphers’ paintings have focused on the theme of the ideational utopian “City.” This critique of “City” and analysis of culturally defined space uses as its basis a reinterpretation of the historical tradition of Color Field Painting from the New York School, which has its roots in New York City. The cultural condition of shrinking space, both real open space & imagined mental space, recalls the utopian search for the garden of Eden.

    For Cyphers the city represent the open frontier, where thought waves on subways conjure wheat fields and moments of visual clarity recall rapturous meadows out shafts of light disseminatiing through skyscrapers, bridges and crumbling edifices. The city marks out its openness and redefines frontier and the beyond.

    Cyphers surfaces recall Color Field where semi abstract forms operate as forces in a psychological dialogue, critiquing both the metal congestion and shrinking open spaces of hyper speedy culture. About her viscous fluid process Cyphers has written ” I have always been interested and inspired by the painting traditions of Eastern Art, specifically the ink drawings of Chinese Landscapes and Japanese Zen paintings on scrolls. These traditional stylistic practices use organic, subtle mark making techniques, the drawing elements are worked wet into wet, allowing the brush mark and the fluid lines to build forms. Expression follows a vocabulary inherent in the weight of the touch and the quality of the mark. ”