• The Proposition Gallery proudly presents Gothic Intrusion, a group exhibition in the Main Gallery featuring Huang Yan’s Skulls, in addition to work by Alfredo Martinez and Jason Gringler.

    Huang Yan (b. 1966) is well known for drawing upon the techniques and aesthetics of ancient Chinese traditions and incorporating them into the contemporary artistic approach of utilizing the body as the medium. His Skulls are no exception.

    The floral patterns and landscape imagery of Yan’s blue and white ceramic Skulls may closely resemble some of the designs that were created on porcelain during the Ming Dynasty, but the objects Yan has painted imply a stark contrast to the decorative bowls and dishes of the Ming.

    In Alfredo Martinez’ (b. 1967) series of skull drawings,he has intended the number of skull images in each piece to be of a primary number (5, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 109). Going back to ancient theories, Martinez is using these prime numbers to embed mystical power and strength into the content of the artwork. In so doing, he is revealing his interest in numerology, gematria and the occult.

    As discovered by the Greeks, prime numbers are the building blocks of all numbers making them the most important objects in mathematics. Martinez’ repetitive use of the skull image in these drawings represents his encounter with the fear of the unknown.

    Jason Gringler uses an industrial environment as source material for the development of architectural structures within his paintings. Created primarily with Plexiglas, tape, spray paint, mirrors, and acrylic, his paintings not only reflect his surroundings, but also the situated space in which the work is displayed.

    “I find that there is a moment between looking and registry, between the recognition of an object’s existence, and the recognition of the associations that object holds; it is in this moment of flux that I experience the most affecting changes applicable to my work.”

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