• The Proposition Gallery is pleased to present HOSTAGE, a collaborative exhibition of new canvases from preparatory sketches by Allan D. Hasty and Parker Wolf, commencing with a tree-tying performance by Allan D. Hasty and Parker Wolf with The Walking Man army taking place directly outside the gallery at 559 West 22nd Street on Tuesday, December 16th prior to the opening reception to be held on Thursday, December 18th from 6-8.

    The Walking Man army is a truly interactive organic sculpture comprising a mass of faceless individuals (size determined by project) whose identities are completely concealed from head-to-toe in matching white and black apparel, existing only to create visual spectacles in real time/space. For this performance, Allan D. Hasty and Parker Wolf have created a hybrid of the Walking Man army which they will direct in the act of restraining two trees, dubbed E2 (east 2) and W1 (west 1), by tying rope around each in an attempt to transform their original shape and form. As the event progresses the manipulation of the trees’ branches will eventually become actual symbols of the idea of man’s effort towards dominance over nature, underscoring one of the thematic elements explored within the photographs of the exhibition on display in the gallery.

    White rope entangles the subject in every composition; each object is physically restrained from its true identity and original form, creating the illusion of being controlled. Regardless of whether the object is natural or manufactured the rope appears to overpower it, forcing it physically immobile, and in some instances appearing functionless. The pieces involving figures have the additional aspect of bondage, as the partially clothed or otherwise nude bodies are tied up with rope; their faces masked in all white paint, wearing black goggles, seemingly unrecognizable other than the exposed portions of flesh and the hair on their heads. One thing’s for certain, Hasty and Wolf have given them a new identity and they look as though they could be poster children for The Walking Man army.

    Allan D. Hasty is a New York City-based artist that caricatures life to create a hyper reality, where fact and fiction are indistinguishable, via documentation and stage. Through excessive manipulation Hasty captures and presents scenes that may entertain, shock or even seduce the viewer with visual ambiguity. His work creates a dialogue that may touch on violence, sexuality, identity, insecurity, fear and power. Hasty has had two solo exhibitions at The Proposition, most recently, I WANT CANDY in July 2008.

    Parker Wolf is a New York City-based artist and creator of The Walking Man army, which he uses as a visual muse.

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