• Opening reception: Wednesday, September 5th; 6 – 8pm

    The paintings in i:i:i relate to the relationships that develop between paint and “i”. Color acts as a stage, a ground from which paint and “i” play out non-objective narratives underwritten by fetishes, pleasures and anxieties. “i” is the subjective metaphor in the work. Abstract geometric forms, dismembered figurative suggestions and text are deployed as multiple representatives of “i”. A visual element made by a dot and stroke, “i” also extends through the paintings literally as well. ┬áThis along with the aforementioned representatives creates an environment for color to mediate sensations and feelings, and become a space for visual meditation.

    Lee Vanderpool (b. 1978, Lafayette, LA) received a MFA from Yale University in New Haven, CT and a BFA from University of Texas, Austin, TX


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