• In 2003, shortly after the onset of the Iraq War, Grace Graupe-Pillard began working on a series of photographs entitled INTERVENTIONS focusing on the horror and human cost of wars being fought in far-off places. These photographs depict images of soldiers, car-bombings, ruins, explosions, and refugees, which are digitally embedded into the familiar streets and parks of New York City, Baltimore and the New Jersey wetlands. Using the computer and digital filters, the implanted imagery often borders on the abstract, with heightened color and kaleidoscopic patterns portraying the ordinariness of our everyday reality blown apart. INTERVENTIONS attempts to make visually evident the ongoing tragic repercussions of war in our own backyard, as well as the equally powerful manipulation of the electorate through the “politics of fear.”

    The series of 76 images will be exhibited on a DVD Projector accompanied by a score arranged by Elizabeth Grajales and Billy Annaruma. Selected digital prints are also available.

    A version of the exhibition is on-line at www.markszine.com

    Score: Elizabeth Grajales and Billy Annaruma