• Organized on the occasion of the publication of Patterson’s curated art zine of the same name, ITINERARY features the work of seven artists: Olaf Breuning, Ben Bunch, David Denosowicz, Chloe Piene, Trevor Renwick, Jasper Sebastian Stürup, and Claudia Weber.

    These seven artists share an ability to move freely between mediums, and their works presented here share a distinct playfulness with materials or with subject matter. Rather than a particular theme or medium specific connection between the artists, however, the aim of this group show is to highlight unforeseen connections among seemingly distinct works, to trace a line, an “itinerary” from one work to the next. One possible path: drawings by Olaf Breuning and Jasper Sebastian Stürup lead to Chloe Piene’s drawing and Xerox work and to David Denosowicz’s collage and spray paint images. Ben Bunch’s, Trevor Renwick’s, and Claudia Weber’s pieces continue the focus on collage and assemblage, whether spare and minimal or busy.

    The show’s non-themed-theme is reflective of the zine itself: an un-themed, fifty-three page anthology of works by seventeen artists. Patterson invited each artist to contribute pieces that span three pages of the book. Each artist’s work takes up one two-page spread and shares a second spread with another artist. The zine showcases each artist, then, but its layout also points to connections between the works, creating a visual or a conceptual dialogue from one page to the next. The show continues the work of the zine by highlighting the dialogues between the works of these seven artists.

    Copies of ITINERARY will be available for purchase at the gallery. The zine can also be previewed and purchased here: http://PlantMigrationRecords.com/Itinerary.html

    Opening Tuesday July 17th, 6 to 8pm

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