• The Proposition is pleased to present Love Stories, the New York debut solo show for Canadian artist Balint Zsako.

    In his latest body of work, the multimedia artist shows a series of small paintings, all the same size and media of watercolor and ink. The depictions of bodies, birds, trees, and machinery all dissect and reconnect, resulting in curious outcomes. As the title suggests, relationships are the main link in the series, which takes on various forms, connecting narratives in unexpected ways. Bold colors flourish within outlines of basic human shapes that flex and contort. Blooming branches extend from limbs and bodies are encased in stones to become part of the earth, which then cultivate new life in the form of meticulously detailed plant life. The cycle of life turning into death, and eventually nature is a constant theme in the artist’s work. Often touching on darker subject matter, they remain unpredictable and whimsical due to their candid presentation.

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