• The premier of Balint Zsako’s latest series “Modern Dance” was well received by both critics and collectors at Art on Paper, NYC this past March.

    We are now pleased to offer available works from this series; a collection of individually framed paintings in which a hand or arm, a string, and the ground match up and create a continuity between adjacent works thereby constructing new narratives.

    Themes of sex, love, struggle and identity animate the paintings. Physical distortions serve as parallels to psychological states, mechanical appendages recall the conflict between the organic and the industrial while objects precariously constructed out of wood and string mirror the complexities of personal relationships.

    The following is an excerpt from an essay discussing the “LUST” sector of Old Master paintings at the recent TEFAF international art fair:
    “The title of the section of show devoted to nudes, “Lust,” underestimates the subtlety of these images and the complexity of the responses they evoke.  For Rubens nudes typically have an unabashed, wholesome innocence calculated to provoke more nuanced emotions than the mere monomaniac lasciviousness that they are sometimes seen to arouse in the likes of satyrs and centaurs. Above all, these nudes express the artist’s sheer delight in the feminine form and his subjects’ enjoyment of their own bodies, while giving the artist the opportunity to display his mastery in depicting the variety of human skin tones.”

    Balint Zsako continues to build on this tradition, proving himself to be a master of this classical and centuries old genre.

    Works are not to be sold individually and pricing is as follows:
    2 works : $1700 each;  3 – 9 works : $1600 each;  10+ works : $1500 each


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