• The Proposition is pleased to present its first collaborative show of “New Paintings” by Simon Linke with Lisson Gallery of London. Linke, critically acclaimed for his conceptual paintings of Artforum covers in the 80s, returns to his source materials with a fresh, sensual, and humorous approach.

    The following is a current statement by the artist on this exhibition and its place in his overall body of work.

    Wild fluctuations between omnipotence and castastrophe induce a fear of creativity. On the other hand, the thrill of creativity lies in feelings emerging into consciousness through working that were known but unrecognised. Somewhere within this landscape lies a normality I struggle to attain. But I feel betrayed by an aspect of myself that is so familiar that I can’t see it and it appears without exception in all of my work. And that aspect of myself is not normal.

    Translation: If I act the way I feel, people think I’m weird. If I act in a way that I think people want me to act, I am weird. Being psychotically weird in Art is not good. If the world is made up by rules that function as guides to comprehensibility, then my paintings have ended up as signposts to the unfathomable. Even to me.

    My paintings of Artforum advertisements made in the 1980s were an attempt to identify myself with a system. A system that I mistook to be made up of fixed rules which defined contemporary creativity. This group of paintings comes out of the realisation that those rules only existed in my head and were a way of talking to myself by positioning my feelings onto an external reality.