• The Proposition is pleased to announce a solo show of new paintings and digital clones by gallery artist, Peggy Cyphers.

    Where Stars are Born, a black drawing bursting with light and creation opens a path of new discovery and exploration which travels from Santa Fe, limitless space punctured with spontaneous memory, to Venice, popping and splintering with medieval shapes, and to New York City at night, Girl in the City series, urban architecture exuding inner light through layers of highly saturated colors and surfaces-all topped off with a spider web signifying connection.

    David Ebony in his artnet.com magazine review of her last show says, “Peggy Cyphers has a persistent vision of nature that she translates into richly colored and textured quasi-abstract paintings. She pours and lightly brushes countless layers of paint and sand onto the canvas until she achieves a luminous and sumptuous surface.”

    Ann Shostrom speaks in her essay on Cypher’s work:
    “Cypher’s paintings are like extraterrestrial terrariums. Her utopian vision percolates up through a soil rich with techno-organic material. Gardens are prisons of the most optimistic sort, As with a file, slowly, and with patience, her painting process penetrates the walls that divide urban from pastoral and our modernist past from the next thousand years”.