• Following her recent showing at the SCOPE Hamptons Art Fair, the Proposition Gallery is pleased to present “Prairie Loves”, an exhibition of new work by Allison Hawkins.

    “Prairie Loves” represents Hawkins’ ongoing exploration of the mystique and allure behind symbio-predatory relationships of animals and humans.

    When speaking of her early artistic influences Hawkins often references, “memories of 60 & 70′s children’s books and spooky wall pieces from my grandmother’s home, often including creatures in these landscapes that have been anthropomorph-ized to convey both comforting and sinister co-dependencies.”

    “These drawings (charcoal, ink & graphite)” attend to moments of desperation, heartbreak, and consolation. They are about intimacy and vulnerability.”
    -Allison Hawkins

    Hawkins is a recent MFA graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City.