• Inspired by mankind’s more perverse behavioral patterns and thoughts, Allan D. Hasty creates one of a kind large format photographs that go beyond reality where fact and fiction are indistinguishable. Using prosthetics, make-up, and props, Hasty caricatures life experiences and phobias to create a hyper-reality through documentation and stage.

    “The physics of each photograph is an exaggerated representation of that individual’s psychological state.” This dialogue may touch on sexuality, violence, power, insecurity, and fear. Through such excessive manipulation, Hasty captures and presents a scene that may entertain, shock, or even seduce the viewer with visual ambiguity.

    Hasty has developed a process that is unique to the genre of photography in style and technique. Finished, the photographs have a unique visual texture similar to brush strokes in a painting. Distressing the film through slashing, biting, and hammering, the final c-print from negative is then reworked with ink, paint, and sometime’s the artist’s own blood.

    Hasty recreates a fictional identity that at the same time reflects the artist’s psychological and physical portrait. His body of work provides us with a new perspective on the dynamics of the satirical and disturbed nature of life.

    Artist’s thoughts, 2004:
    Phantasmagoria, obsequious, bifurcate, ambivalent, amicable, capricious, puerile, feline, canine, progression, bilge, vulnerability, blather, deformity, flagellate, undraped, nudge, murderess, prasoid, porcine, pensive, pounding, prankingly, conundrum, contumely, perverse, psychological, satirical, physical, simulacra, grace, dwindle, parabola, directrix, pismire, perception, allegory, disturbed, monstrosity, behavioral, manipulation, perspective.

    Representation, axiomatic, constructed, hyper-reality, desultory, piebald, syzygy, crepitant, ovoid, establishmentarianism, examine, vortex, zeitgeist, sisyphean, passerine, mesmerized, catharsis, zygote, shroud.

    Troglodyte, crackle, sophism, vituperate, ganglia, trajectory, succubus, gift, apostate, sesquipedalian, existential, oblique, reconfigured, fortress, oblivious, tactical, mutant, transformation, truism, platitude, torture, ambiguous, variously, romantic, cacophonous, engagement, alliteration, cajole, subliminal, competition, parapet, nuance, vitriol, advantage, impale, blossom.

    Slatternly, glean, perpetual, saturation, vernacular, compositions, pretentious, subversively, appoggiatura, auditory, spiritual, motion, diurnal, anachronistic, terminal, contuse, foundation, strafe, paralyze, bare, shim, orientation, abnubilate, infantilism, compound, prism, broken, executive, chair, gleam, humanism.

    Visitation, booby-trap, persist, utopia, vigilance, decipher, codical, apparent, blurting, cataclysmic, intervention, relinquish, detritus, surveillance, quip, vilify, parallax, distopia, seemingly, conduit, disguise, gulch, inclination, shield, trepidation, shiv, equivalent, secret, trial, din, tribulation, concentration, disfigured, sprite, inadvertent, connections, ring, perplexed, nepotism, void, married, numinous, provision, appropriate, bludgeon, coercive, ravenous, commodity, articulate, blunt, quagmire, vagabond, corrosive, reap, actualize, retrofit, palindrome, the.