• Depthography is a group of artists who create works using their unique lenticular imaging techniques. The artists, who have been working together since 1986, have been pioneers in the technical advancement of the medium in expanding its capacities and enabling it to express their vision. The Depthography show features lenticular photographs that offer a wider viewing angle and more animation through dramatic 3-D perspectives.

    About Robert Munn and Sara Cook: Since this art is not possible without technical knowledge, together they have created optical phenonmenon that is being manifest through the computer domain. Cook working with Munn, have devised a technique for turning 2 -dimensional digital photographs into 3-dimensional lenticular images without a darkroom. Cook, through manipulating the available technology and computer animation, has expanded the potentials of the lenticular artform. Munn works with the optical properties of the lens screen and the parameters of photography to intensify the dimensional properties and to expand the characteristics of animation. Munn experiments, working with hand-motion studies, and explores space, time, and motion to encapture a passing moment as opposed to a single freeze-frame perspective. Ultimately, the work is unique in that it can be effectively viewed from up-close and from a distance.

    Revolt and Jackie Chang have been invited to create images for the show along with Munn and Cook.