• The Proposition gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the New York-based artist Kyung Jeon. The Impulse Garden, Jeon’s second solo exhibition at The Proposition includes several new large-scale paintings/drawings on rice paper and canvas.

    For her latest exhibition, The Impulse Garden, Jeon has developed recurring characters in her work who seem to have run amok in their fantasy garden. The paintings are drawn from a stream of consciousness where nothing is censored. She impulsively exaggerates the characters’ actions to communicate her thoughts and emotions on motherhood, death and relationships.

    The ambiguous narrative creates a mysterious and anxious atmosphere, as fairies attack girls and boys, girls attack boys, and boys attack girls. In this flight of the imagination, an impelling force prompts unpremeditated acts and leads the characters into weird and twisted scenes. The narrative can be strange, perverse, humorous, violent or melancholy but is always balanced by the cuteness of the characters.

    Kyung Jeon was born in 1975 in Jersey City, New Jersey, and received an MFA in 2005 from the School of Visual Arts, NY. She was selected to participate in the biannual ARTSPECTRUM 2006 exhibition at the new Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, Korea from February to May 2006. She has been included in exhibitions in Brazil, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, California, Las Vegas and several New York galleries. She lives and works in Manhattan.


    Kyung Jeon has curated the Video and Project Rooms. In the Video Room she has chosen Ikue Mori, an innovative composer/improviser/performer and a key member of New York’s downtown music scene. Mori combines the laptop, her signature musical instrument, with video to create her new work, Bhima Swarga: the journey of the soul from hell to heaven. The piece is derived from traditional paintings on the ceiling of Kertha Gosa in Bali. The rich iconographic characters are processed and controlled by the sound signal and other messages through MSP and JITTER programs.

    Mori’s current musical groups include Mephista with Sylvie Courvoisier and Susie Ibarra, a quartet with Kim Gordon, DJ Olive and Jim O’Rourke, a duo project with Zeena Parkins, Trio with Haco and Aki Onda, and Hemophiliac with John Zorn and Mike Patton.


    In the Project Room is graphic designer Heung-Heung Chin who premieres a series of c-print illustrations based on her personal trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. The Awakening of the Empyrean Dominion features animals in rhapsodic harmony with their dynamic and serene environment. It is a meeting of heaven and earth where lava, fire and water give life to the horses, pigs, sea creatures and other inhabitants. Industrious creatures who persevere to maintain beauty and order are intricately rendered in a sophisticated fashion combining the stylistic qualities of Tibetan art and modern Japanese character goods. The body of work also includes highlights of the Empyrean Dominion characters in a set of lush portraits.

    Heung-Heung Chin, born and raised in NYC, is a graduate of the Cooper Union, receiving scholarship awards from TDC and ADC. Upon graduating in 1999, she worked for FDT Design before starting Chippy which has produced print and film related work. Her prestigious list of clients include musicians such as John Lurie, Medeski Martin and Wood, Dave Douglas, Erik Friedlander, Elysian Fields, JG Thirlwell, filmmakers Aviva Slesin and Casper Wong, publisher Steve Clay of Granary Books, and gallery owner Marion Harris. She has been the exclusive designer for John Zorn’s label Tzadik since 1998 and has worked with him on a variety of related projects. Her CD designs have been included in the 2000 Print Annual and the AIGA Soundblast. She currently resides in Manhattan.