• The Proposition is pleased to present thirty-eight eyes, the second solo exhibition for artist Dane Patterson. In his new series of works, the artist considers the unfamiliar and ordinary while expanding his use of media to include crafted photo collages and richly hued paintings, which bring life to the tightly rendered graphite drawings he is best known for.

    Patterson invites the viewer into this newly layered world of observation, from the nearly unsettling staged settings to his lighthearted play of colors and shapes that are collaged onto photographs. Much of his visual experiments allude to the physical act of obscuring vision – a girl covers her face with a piece of paper with cut-out eyes, while what looks like a cloud of sawdust replaces the head of a man playing the accordion.

    Stuffed dummies resembling bodies lay about in slumped positions in Sleep Posture #1 and #2, disturbing an otherwise quiet domestic setting with their false human presence. A certain amount of faith is required for the viewer to trust their own eyes, as titles can prove to be further misleading. What looks like the result of unexpected raids or paranormal feats, rooms with items such as chairs and mattresses toppled over, are actually titled Items Intentionally Placed In Disarray, challenging the truth of the chaotic scenes.

    The artist himself is depicted from two different angles, standing uncomfortably on a stepladder, confronting his fear of heights, in Gradually Acclimating Myself to Heights #1 and #2. This is one of a series of numbered drawings, which document the stages in the development of the studied works.

    According to the artist, these images act ‘as visual cues for the viewer to imagine something that is not depicted in addition to what it is.’ The novelty of the mundane provokes new meaning and a second look, serving as a reminder of how quickly a narrative can change when just one element is off.

    Dane Patterson was born in Columbus, Indiana and received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York. His first solo exhibition, Clutter and Noise, was shown at The Proposition in 2005.

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