• The Proposition is pleased to present our October 2009 Virtual Exhibition featuring a new series of paintings entitled Transformation by Marbella, Spain/Alabama-based gallery artist Jonathan Rogers Clark.


    This series of paintings approaches ‘transformation’ as an alchemical process wherein magical artistry changes the essence of raw matter into valuable visual conceptualizations of an indefinable, even supernatural realm. This is accomplished by incorporating wholly spontaneous drawings of combinations of evocative glyphs and symbols into painted designs intended to attract and effect the viewer.

    Many of these icons have been used since ancient times, through meditation, application and incantation, to reach the powerful realm of ‘other’ dimensions. This multiplicity of dimensions within a single image is representative of the state of transformation. The paintings are gateways opened with the eyes.

    The primary friction and lubrication in life ultimately comes from the interaction of being and becoming. Being is a passive state; becoming, active. There has to be a theoretical point in between these two fundamental states for differentiation. There lies the “Other state”, an infinitely vast, indefinable twilight zone into which spells are cast, wishes are made, and prayers are pled. These actions may produce physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual reactions. The inevitable result is TRANSFORMATION .

    - J.R. Clark