Animal Spirits Reviewed in Brooklyn Rail

Peggy Cypher’s latest solo exhibition “Animal Spirits” has been reviewed by Jonathan Goodman in The Brooklyn Rail.

“Peggy Cyphers has put on a show of startling originality at the Proposition, located nearby the New Museum on the Lower East Side. The artist, who has more than three decades of experience living and working in New York, calls the exhibition Animal Spirits, in reference to the creatures symbolized by feathers or fur or claws in her compositions. As a painter interested in challenging her audience, Cyphers here has locked in the standpoint of her field of view, so that the viewer’s outlook occurs as if he were looking upward toward a sky separating four images, each occupying a corner of the painting. Although the names of the paintings are often the names of animals, there is, as well, the feeling that one has raised his head in the midst of a canyon surrounded by dark buildings—a common experience in New York City.  Read more…


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