The Proposition at CONTEXT art miami

The Proposition is pleased to participate in the new cutting-edge, first annual CONTEXT art miami.  Our Booth (D32) will present three gallery artists: Dane Paterson, Lee Vanderpool and Balint Zsako.

The fair takes place from December 5-9 with a VIP opening on Tuesday, December 4, 5:30-10pm.

We will feature “APPETITE,” Balint Zsako’s first and only monumentally-scaled work with accompanying works from this delightful series of watercolor and ink drawings. Zsako’s work from this series will also be featured in the upcoming publication by PHAIDON, VitaminD2, a global survey of drawing today featuring over 100 top emerging artists.

From Dane Patterson’s most recent show “Again, and again, and again…” we present a small group of intricately detailed graphite on paper drawings in his signature style. To quote Patterson, “My working process has always had a certain obsessive quality. Photorealistic graphite drawings, which have for a while now been my primary medium, require hours of careful and detailed rendering. My recent turn to repetition as content brings to my work a parallel, if somewhat muted, obsessive quality to the subject matter.”

From Lee Vanderpool, who premiered his first solo NYC show this season, we will exhibit a fantastic sampling of freshly completed works. Vanderpool speaks of his work, “…color acts as a stage, a ground from which paint and “I ” ( a visual element made by a dot and a stroke) play out non-objective narratives, underwritten by fetishes, pleasures and anxieties. “I” is the subjective metaphor in the work. This confluence creates an environment for color to mediate sensations and feeling, and become a space for visual meditation.

download the fair map here:



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